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Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative Pink Ribbon Run - Training Session

If you know me, you know how much raising funds for local breast cancer initiatives means to me. Having has so many friends and family afflicted with this form of cancer I want to help however I can. This year I've joined the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative's Cheyenne Pink Ribbon Run on August 5th.

Casper Meme

I was training to run the race during the winter but two things happened which changed my mind into walking instead of running (read "jogging"): 1) After jogging outside for an extended period of time when it wasn't even 70 degrees out I thought "this is nuts!! Why would I run in August??" 2) I sunburned my feet a couple of weeks ago and its taking them for-ev-er to heal. (Trust me, I had sunscreen on at this time but that doesn't help when you're whiter than Casper the Ghost.)

Mandy's Mid Workout Selfie

With that I decided walking is going to be my best option this time. While I'm walking, I still don't want to come in dead last so I'm training a little to get back into the swing of things. This picture was taken halfway into a four mile walk. Don't be alarmed - the red-as-lobster skin tone isn't a sunburn, I was just extremely hot as it was almost 80 degrees when I decided to leave the house. Here's hoping the morning of race day will be somewhat cool!

Why did I choose Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative to support this year? Here is their mission statement: "The WBCI aims to raise awareness and fund breast cancer programs in Wyoming with an emphasis on increasing breast health education, financially assisting breast cancer screenings, facilitating patient navigation, and promoting survivor services through fundraising efforts across the state, proceeds remain in Wyoming to grant into eligible programs." While I reside in Colorado, they have far more resources than those in Wyoming. With early detection being the key to a higher survival probability, I want to help those who are in the most need.

If you can donate, please do so! You can donate by clicking here.

If you would like to join me on August 12th for the race, you can do so by clicking here to join my team. I would love the company for sure! You have different options (a 1 mile or 5k, walk or run). Make sure you select the Cheyenne option when joining.

Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for your consideration!

See you soon, Mandy

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