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Whose ready for spring?

I do love winter - every time it snows it reminds me of Alaska and my family. The snow starts to fall and I want to grab a cup of tea and a good book. However these recent snow storms and cold snaps have me longing for warmer days so I have a few more opportunities to fly the drone. Throw in the windy days on those few warmer opportunities to cut my chances down to almost nil as of late. There was one calm, warm morning where I took the opportunity to get the drone out and catch this beautiful sunrise before winter storm Olive hit:

We went from this beautiful warm day to waking up one morning and it was -22 at 7:00AM. I sent the same picture of the thermostat to my family and my younger sister put it perfectly - "Gross." Thankfully it only stayed below zero for two days and we're already back up in 40s. I know we're not out of the woods yet given we always get one good dumping of snow in March or April (sometimes May), but here's hoping we don't drop this low again. I'll take the precipitation, but the negative temperatures have got to go!

Part of the reason for my hopes of warmer weather is I have a photo shoot coming up in Estes Park! Today the forecast isn't promising, but it's Colorado - wait a day and it will change. Luckily the majority of those images will be interior photos.

Given I was stuck inside as many of us were the past few days this will be a short post. I'm hoping to take the opportunity tomorrow to get in some flight time. Fingers crossed you'll see some updated images from the ground up construction taking place in Wyoming which I've been updating often. To make sure you see the latest progress and updates subscribe to this blog post above if you haven't already.

See you soon!


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