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Well, I did it!

Really? Is it true? I'm working for myself actually doing something I love? Pinch me! OK, well, don't pinch me because pinching hurts and I have no pain tolerance, but if I'm dreaming don't wake me up!

Some would call me crazy (and I'm sure a few have) for completing a 180 and starting my own business. In the creative space no less given how much I have spent on my college degrees and many years in the tech industry... Let's not go there.

Mid-life crisis? Burn out? Lost direction? Nope! After the opportunity presented itself to be able to take photos for a living how could I pass it up? Oh, and I get to use a drone to take aerial photos as well? Yeah, I think I passed the IQ test. Time will tell!

As this is my first post, a little background on me. Growing up in Alaska, I always loved taking photos. Given where I lived who could blame me?? I want to take this passion for photography to aid realtors and contractors in marketing their projects and themselves.

Why the name Horizon Photo? According to a quick Google search, "horizon" is defined as "the line at which the earth's surface and the sky appear to meet". See what I did there? I'm taking pictures from the surface and the sky! *Pats self on back* OK, so I'm a little goofy, but life is too short to not have some fun.

I started Horizon Photo LLC to focus on providing photography services mainly for residential and commercial real estate and project purposes. However, I'm an entrepreneur baby! With that said I will also offer photography/drone services to anyone but only after having a discussion about their vision before moving forward. I need to make sure we're a good fit because I want to make all of my customers happy with the end results.

Interested in meeting with me to discuss your property? Project? Or just to ask how crazy I really am? Feel free! Schedule a 20-minute consultation with me today.

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