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Warmer Weather, Sounds of Spring, Windmills and Drone Time

It was a beautiful 75 degrees this afternoon so I decided to take a break and walk to the mailbox and something stopped me in my tracks on my way back to the house. I should first explain it's a quarter of a mile from the house to the mailbox. While this could be the same length for some, even further if you live in a large community like my parents do in Alaska and you're trekking to a large shared metal post box for the neighborhood about a mile away, ours is a single box at the end of our driveway. Johnny and I live on a long 35-acre parcel. Thankfully the previous owners had the home constructed far from the road.

While some of you may be thinking it was a snake which halted my walk back to the house, and this has been the case for multiple summers, it wasn't the case today. There is a culvert for a seasonal creek that only seems to appear during torrential downpours where a few large trees have been for years. A sudden breeze picked up and the sound of the leaves in the wind is what made me stop and listen closer. I then picked up the sound of a cricket chirping, birds communicating, Johnny mowing the lawn in the background and a faint smell of lilacs in the air. A literal "stop and smell the flowers" moment. I thought I'd share the sounds (not sure you can hear the mower, and sorry - no lilac smell):

I consider myself blessed not only from this moment today, but the pretty cool opportunity I had yesterday to complete a drone shoot a local neighborhood for a builder to update their website. I'm so excited to share it with all of you but I am waiting until the builder updates their marketing first. What do they say about delayed gratification??

Girl Eating Cake Meme

With that said, I'll at least share on photo I took of the area which won't give their marketing away:


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See you soon!


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