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Tis the Season for Drone Footage!

I'm baa-ack. Yes, it's been awhile but for good reason. While it's been Winter-Spring-Summer-back to Winter-back to Spring weather, it's also the start of Drone Season yet again! Old Man Winter didn't stop me from flying as you can see from a few of my older posts but the weather did limit the number of options I had available.

When the weather decided to calm down for about a week, I was able to fly and take photos of three different properties - one even in Laramie! Here's a gallery of a few of those flights:

Drone photos are some of the most impactful for displaying how close in proximity a property is to specific landmarks as illustrated by the photo of the property located so close to the University of Wyoming Laramie Campus.

One of my favorite things to create are videos of new construction or remodels in progress. Seeing the drastic changes from start to finish are so satisfying! This video is the first shoot of such a project in the works.

Do you know what's really awesome? Drones are useful for more than just a photo gallery or aerial video! For the vacant land in the first image in the gallery above, I was also able to create a 360-degree birds-eye view! Click the Play button below, zoom out and click to move around. For those on mobile devices, here is the direct link. On your cell phone, you can pinch to zoom out so you're virtually right above the property, and then move your phone in all directions.

Pretty cool, huh? To create this specific view I used the same software I utilize to create virtual tours.

With spring rapidly approaching my schedule is already starting to fill up! Are you ready to schedule your own drone shoot? Click here and let's get started elevating your reach with your marketing!

See you soon!


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