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Time does fly when you're having fun

OK, so I know I've been slacking on the blog posts. No excuses, just having fun! I was blessed to have my niece and sister visit for four days recently. I was able to disconnect for those four days and spend the max amount of time with them possible. Everyone who knows me knows family is my world. Having been the only one in my immediate family to leave Alaska, I take full advantage of the time we are able to spend together. One of the highlights of this visit was being able to watch my niece dive with the sharks (and turtles, and fish, etc.) at the Denver Aquarium! Here are just a handful of pictures from that day.

Spending time with family wasn't the only thing keeping me busy! I have had the pleasure to work with some new clientele this month. When I said "fly" in the title of this post I was of course eluding to some of my latest drone flights. As promised in my last post (and if you follow me on either Facebook or LinkedIn you already know) I can now share with you the footage I took for Gateway Construction! They are building some beautiful new homes in quite a few subdivisions in Cheyenne, WY. They requested I take some aerial footage of not just the homes, but some shots of the neighborhood amenities as well. Take a look at the videos I put together for them.

If you're in the market for a new home, check them out!

Marrou In the News - Screen shot of their website

I also had the pleasure to work with Marrou Concrete on updating their website! As Hollie Marrou says in her testimonial, we brought their "website into the 21st century". I love the design aspect of this work as I collaborate closely with my customers to ensure we create their specific vision of how they can increase their online presence. This project was particularly fun as they had a few newspaper clippings of previous projects they helped to bring to life. While we wanted to bring their website to a more current look and feel, we want to make sure to highlight their history in the community! To accomplish this, I scanned the clippings to create this page:

I have quite a few new clients actually, but I'm saving those for a future blog post. Hint: These include group and headshot photos! Of course there will be some drone footage in there as well. The rain recently has been the damper on these shoots, but as soon as they are complete I'll post again with updates. To make sure you stay up to date subscribe to this blog by clicking the button at the top of the page!

See you soon!


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