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Spring Storms Offer Many Photo Ops - Miller Moths Not So Much

Storm Chasing Meme

Its true the drone enthusiast in me isn't a fan of any type of storm (especially those including gale force winds), the photographer in me loves the photo opportunities. The storms around here in the spring are spotty at best. It's kind of like duck-duck-goose with areas that get rain versus those that do not.

The cloud formations we were privy to yesterday were pretty cool so of course I ran into the house from the back and grabbed my camera. The storm was in front of the house so naturally one would exit the front right? Wrong! Before I opened the storm door, the entire door I kid you not, was vibrating! I was barricaded in from the front of the house though by... dun, dun, dun - Miller Moths.

Miller Moth Colorado Meme

Not just Colorado, Wyoming as well gets invaded by these moths every year, some worse than others. To avoid having a barrage of the winged creatures enter my house, I exited the back of the house and walked around to the front to open the storm door. More than 40 flew out from the cracks. I think I'm just going to leave the front door locked with a note that states "Don't open until July."

After I freed the moths to eventually be devoured by all of the birds nesting around our property (which I profusely thanked silently), I turned around to take the photos below.

I love when the sun shines from behind the storm clouds. With the clouds being spotty we also have an increased chance from rainbows in the afternoon.

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See you soon! (You, not the Miller Moths...)


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