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Photo of My Summer Oasis

Let's face it. While I do not miss the stress of what people would consider a standard job, I do, however miss the extra income it provided to allow for additional travel throughout the year. Not visiting Alaska this year tops list of bummers.

On the flip side, I am able to enjoy the smaller things more frequently and I'm so much more relaxed. As an example, here is a photo of my summer oasis:

Doesn't this just invite you to sit down with a cup of coffee in the morning or a chilled adult beverage in the evening? The best way to demonstrate how relaxing it truely it is I recorded a short video:

It isn't much, but it does make me smile more. So my question to all of you is, do you have your own little oasis where you can recharge daily if needed? I'd say I use mine daily, but anyone in the Southern Wyoming/Northern Colorado area would know that would be a lie given all of the rain we've been getting (I am not complaining about the rain, just making an observation 😁). I do take advantage of my Zen corner as often as I can.

So where is your "chill" spot? Share in the comments below. Better yet, send me a picture of your favorite spot!

See you soon!


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