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Oh boy, oh boy! A new offering is coming! And an excuse to Spring Clean...

My last few posts have been about how I got to this point in my career, so I figured I'd give you guys a break and actually talk about something different and probably more exciting.

If you recall from my bio, I really do love photography. Its something where I can be out taking pictures or even completing post processing and editing, all of a sudden look at the time and hours have passed by. Same thing happens when I'm updating someone's website design (more on that at a later date). With as much as I love photography and creating content, I decided to increase my offering - I've expanded into virtual tours!

Why am I so excited? I get to take even more pictures and have a larger offering for my clients, but I also purchased a new 360 camera! Yes, I am a photo nerd, geek, etc. Photo of the camera after downloading recent pictures:

Do I offer something without actually having used the equipment or created content? Nope. As the majority of my clients who will request this service are residential real estate agents, I decided the first item for my portfolio should be a home. This of course is the excuse I also needed to Spring Clean. I know my family who are reading this are rolling their eyes as both Johnny and I are somewhat neat-freaks. I mean, actually approaching the levels of Monica.

If you made it to the end of this blog post you deserve a reward. Reserve your free 20-minute consultation and include the words "Monica Clean" anywhere in the reservation and receive 10% off your first photography service! Cleaning not included.

See you soon!


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