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Nothing like a 360-degree birds-eye view!

Pretty much with any property a 360-degree view can help you sell a property. Well unless you have a client who wants a property in the country and walking distance to town. (Trust me, I've run into those clients in my past life in real estate.) One option is is the 360-degree virtual birds-eye view I shared in my post last week.

If you have a property in the country and you want to give your potential buyers a birds-eye view of the size of the lot/acreage, or a property in town that you want to showcase it's proximity to all of the amenities close by, these videos are pretty much required marketing material. Especially if your potential buyer is in another geographical location and it will be difficult for them to view as quickly as they wish.

Here is a perfect example! This multi-family property located in Laramie, Wyoming, is located within walking distance to many amenities and is in very close proximity to the University of Wyoming Laramie campus. A 360-degree video (starting at 20 seconds in) illustrates this well for potential investors.

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See you soon!


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