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New counters are great for my kitchen, not my waistline. Why do I love to bake so much??

One of the issues Johnny and I have had with our home was the tile counters in the kitchen and amazingly thick grout lines. These have never afforded me the luxury of rolling out any sort of dough without it having engrained lines or my grout becoming full of flour, oil, etc. So after almost ten years we finally have solid surface counters!

Not only can I now bake everything I wanted to which I couldn't before, but they are way easier to clean. The issue with that statement is the former. I. Can. Now. Bake. Everything.

*Me every day now...

I'm not kidding. Here is a gallery of what I've made in just the past few weeks. Please don't judge.

Copycat Rosemary bread from Macaroni Grill, homemade hamburger buns (for jalapeno elk burgers which Johnny made), and homemade biscuits for biscuits and homemade gravy. What's not included here are the homemade tortillas (because I forgot to take the photos). The bun and biscuit recipes were first times for me so I still have some practicing on those to get them just right. The rosemary bread made great garlic cheese toast.

Needless the say the few pounds I've been trying to lose have been holding on for dear life after all of these carb loaded breads but hey, you only live once. At least I'm not eating them all in one sitting! Up next, homemade pasta.

See you soon!


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