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Networking and Baking

A few posts back I touched on my love of baking. It truly is an outlet where I don't have to think of anything as long as I'm following a recipe. The rule follower that I am I guess makes me a good baker - I don't go outside of the lines (much).

I do try and stick to a healthy balance - exercise, one bite of what I'm baking, then give the rest away! I tend not to bake as much anymore given I'm no longer in an office setting where I can share the goodies. With my husband not a fan of any type of sugar I would be the only one enjoying the end result (again as I stated in my previous post, don't ask - I'm not sure what's wrong with him). Thankfully I have quite a few people who help me out in reducing my calorie intake. :)

A networking opportunity yesterday during a visitor event for a local BNI chapter is what prompted my inner baker to go into overdrive. It was such a fantastic turnout and reminded me I do miss the comradery which comes with in person events from time to time. Anyhow, I decided to make a batch of brownies to share with some of my friends.

Not just any brownies mind you - my favorite brownies. They combine two of my favorite deserts: Blondies and Snickerdoodles. You read that right, Snickerdoodle Brownies! They're quick to whip up and pretty much a crowd pleaser. Here's the timeline in pictures:

Those of you with eagle eyes probably noticed the different colors of eggs on the counter. Thankfully my husband has a flock of chickens so I'm never short on eggs. (I'll save the chicken topic for another post.) This recipe calls for an icing glaze but I figure I'm being healthy by leaving out the extra sugar. Ha!

The brownies look pretty funky before they are baked, but the oven evens them all out in the end. If you make these yourself your house will smell amazing. Now if you'll excuse me I need a brownie with my coffee.

Shoot me an email ( if you'd like a link to the recipe.

See you soon!


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