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Nearing completion and increasing excitement! Updated drone footage.

Anticipation Meme

Nothing is more satisfying than watching new construction from start to finish. I've been having the most fun watching a 10,000 square foot warehouse built from the ground up for a couple of months and the anticipation for completion is increasing! I've already started work on the final video for the contractor's portfolio so it will be ready soon after work has completed.

In the meantime, I've been generating content for his website as well as the real estate agency who has the property listed. You can see the most recent videos on my Facebook and LinkedIn pages, but one item that isn't linked there is the 360-degree birds-eye view above the building! This one was fun to put together to show where the property is located in reference to I-25 and other businesses. (If you're on a phone please click here to review).

Note: The logos in the image linked above are used only to illustrate where the businesses are already located - you can zoom in on the image and see the signage that already exists.

Once the interior of the warehouse is complete and no one will be working inside I'll take some interior drone footage using my DJI Mini as well to include for the contractor's portfolio. Public Service Announcement: If you're hiring a drone photographer and would like interior shots, make sure they are insured! You always want to make sure your drone photographer is FAA Part 107 certified and insured, but that insurance may not include building interior flights. Great news for you though! Horizon Photo LLC has you covered.

I need to get ready for a client meeting tomorrow, but before I leave one quick plug! We're having a Spring Savings Event for new clients. Anyone who schedules their first service with us during the month of May will receive an additional 10% discount off of our already low prices. Interested? Schedule a consultation call with Mandy today, but HURRY! This offer expires on May 31st, 2023.

See you soon!


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