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It's all in how you frame the shot.

Bald Eagle

When I'm homesick for Alaska, sometimes all I need to do is look out my front window. This magnificent bald eagle made an appearance this morning - luckily while Johnny was heading to Cheyenne otherwise I would have never known it was perched outside of the front of our home. No doubt its hanging around our property due to the plethora of cotton tail rabbits and other small morsels.

You're probably wondering why I've titled this blog post the way I did. You're about to see why! As a photographer you always look for the best angle, lighting and overall composition of a shoot. When photographing wildlife it can become even more tricky as they don't like to take direction...

Bald Eagle

As you can see from the photo to the right, this eagle is actually perched on a power pole and bonus he has a GPS tracker attached to the front of his chest. (I actually think they are supposed to stay on their back but I'm not sure - I'll need to research that a little more.) If I am taking a photo I would like printed or used for marketing the tracker and power pole might not be what I'm looking for. So, I was able to walk to an area where a pine tree in our front yard was able to camouflage the power pole nicely, and the eagle cooperated enough to where he turned his head back towards me. I'm extremely shocked he was being so photogenic didn't fly away sooner than he did. Sorry, no in-flight shots this time. It was really cold this morning and I ran out of the house in slippers in the snow to get these pictures. When he took off so did I...

As always this is a short blog post, but thought I'd leave you with one more bald eagle image from this morning. Make sure you subscribe to this blog by clicking the "Sign Up" button above if you haven't already done so!

Bale Eagle

See you soon!


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