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I've been a little busy!

Please excuse the hair. It was a little windy this week!

Hi folks! I had fully intended to write one to two blog posts per week, but that fell to the wayside. I have a few good reasons: 1) Johnny took me to Florida for my birthday! 2) The Super Bowl to me is a legit holiday even if my team is not playing. 3) I've been taking more photos! First, Florida.

I love winter. I really do. However, there are some of those longer cold stretches which make me long for at least a pool and adult beverage. My Alaska family and friends are probably rolling their eyes right now but they admit there have been quite a few days where we've been colder in Colorado and Wyoming than Alaska has been this winter. As luck would have it, friends of ours purchased an income property in Florida so Johnny reached out and we planned a long weekend with our friends to enjoy not just pool time but heated pool time.

Any amount of time on vacation is never long enough though. We woke up the morning after we returned to five degree temperatures, with a windchill of negative one. Ah, memories of the heat... At least I had the Super Bowl to look forward to!

A few of my friends know how much I look forward to Fall each year. August curbs my pigskin appetite with pre-season NFL games and I'm in full swing by the time the college games start in September. I may need to work during game days if the weather is amazing but I can promise you I'm listening to either the Badger or Packer game while hard at it! On any given Saturday you may see me jumping around if it's the third quarter of the Badger game, and on any given Sunday you'll see me dressed in Green and Gold. If I live in Colorado, why am I rooting for the Wisconsin teams? Simple - my entire family is from Wisconsin. I will always be a cheese head at heart.

I always watch the Super Bowl regardless if my team is playing or not. While not a fan of either the Kansas City Chiefs or the Philadelphia Eagles they sure did play a great game! Watching two brothers play against each other was probably the best moment for me. I love this shot of the Kelce Brothers from Mark J. Robilas below:

Speaking of photos, I've been busy! A local contractor reached out and asked me to take photos and create a virtual tour of some of his commercial work to update his portfolio. Given my tech background I was also was able to help him redesign his website. In regards to the photos, I was lucky enough to break out my leaning tripod to take photos of an awesome ceiling installation they custom built.

Needless to say, it's been a great February so far. Head over here to review the latest commercial virtual tour at the bottom of the page created by Horizon Photo, LLC!

See you soon!


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