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I'm so sorry! I kind of forgot to mention a few things...

Someone who knows my history well reached out to me after reading my first post noticing I left out some pretty important information for my target audience...

Believe it or not I actually have real estate and contracting experience! First I'll expand on the real estate portion.

Way back when I was a senior in high school (no I will not share my age, but it was well over 20 years ago), I started work for a real estate broker as a receptionist, working up to his assistant. I eventually would work for two other realtors and obtain my real estate license while I was still in Alaska. Side note, after high school I also jumped right into a full time college schedule at the same time as all of these real estate shenanigans were going on.

Fast forward a few years and I was traveling with my husband as his job accountant for a commercial general contractor. (I'm skipping over where my husband and I were married in a hardware store but I'm saving that for a future blog post.)

Anyway, I learned a lot through our travels like where I never want to live again but mostly the ins and outs of a lot of commercial construction. Eventually we ended up in Colorado as I told Johnny if we won't be moving back to Alaska we better settle down where I can at least see the mountains and be able to drive there within minutes - not hours or days. Needless to say he is a smart man.

Johnny continued to work as a superintendent for a few construction companies but eventually decided to start his own general contracting business where he can help everyone - small remodels to large new commercial construction work. Guess who helps with that business, including photography for marketing?

So my question for you is why are you waiting to improve your own marketing by utilizing drone photography from someone in the area who has the background you have? Schedule your free 20 minute consultation today with me and we'll go over how I can help you elevate your reach to exceed your business goals.

See you soon!


PS - I promise the next post will be about the hardware store.

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